Daniel O'Donnell announces his first live streamed concert 2 years ago

Daniel O'Donnell announces his first live streamed concert

Finally, something to look forward to.

In this dark and dreary world, there are few things to keep us going.


Sure, the promise of an eventual vaccine to end all of the pain and suffering caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is worth mentioning, but if expert projections are anything to go by, we'll be waiting until at least 2037* before such a feat is upon us (*not accurate whatsoever).

Rather, we must wake up every day, walk the mere two metres to our standing desks, switch on our fried laptops, and work from home for yet another day, desperately wondering when fun will begin again.

Sometimes, it may seem like never. We'll be chained to this pandemic-fuelled hell scape forever, relying only on 1.5 hour long meals in the freezing cold on the side of a road to provide some level of enjoyment.

That was until, Daniel O'Donnell announced his first ever live streamed concert... and suddenly, the world seemed brighter again.


The iconic singer will perform his concert at the Millennium Forum Theatre in Derry on Sunday 1 November at 7pm to an audience of thousands. They just won't be in attendance.

Daniel will be joined on stage by his band who have, according to the press release, sadly been out of work since the beginning of Covid.

What will follow will be an undoubtedly incredible show, featuring all of Daniel's hits as well as a selection of tracks from his brand new album, aptly named ‘Daniel'.


And the kicker? Tickets are only €20.

Sure, you could have been watching Daniel have a bit of a live streamed sing-song for free over on his Facebook at the beginning of the pandemic, but listen, we'll take what we can get.

More information and details on how to book yourself a ticket can be found over on Daniel's website here.