Danny has admitted that he 'made mistakes' as he leaves Love Island 2 years ago

Danny has admitted that he 'made mistakes' as he leaves Love Island

Danny has said that he is "grateful for the ups and downs" he experienced during his time on Love Island.

He and Jourdan tonight became the latest Islanders to be dumped after receiving the fewest votes from the public.


Danny, who was previously coupled up with Yewande and Arabella on the show before pairing off with Jourdan, has admitted that he made mistakes on the show.

"I made mistakes for sure but I’m grateful for all the ups and downs because it led me to where I am today and I am a happy man," he said after the dumping.

"Anything I wanted to say, I feel like I said it in the moment. I apologised for things that I did wrong."

He didn't think he was at risk of going home this evening, he added.

"I felt like me and Jourdan may have been safe because out of the three couples we were the only romantically involved people.

"I was gutted though but I’m really grateful for my journey."



"I’m excited to do the normal things."

As for what's next? Danny certainly isn't planning on reuniting with either of his Love Island exes anyway.

He said he's looking forward to dating Jourdan.

"I feel like I know so much about her and her character.


"I know her personality on a deep level but she doesn’t know my parents’ names or the simple things! I’m excited to do the normal things."

Jordan echoed this in her exit interview, saying; "I came in looking for a best friend and we’ve already said that we have a really strong friendship if not best friendship.

"I feel like what’s next is to take that to a further romantic level. And to get to know each other in a normal world."

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