David Beckham and Kevin Hart return for a hilarious new H&M advert 5 years ago

David Beckham and Kevin Hart return for a hilarious new H&M advert

David Beckham and actor Kevin Hart's new collaborative advert for H&M is sure to make you smile this morning.

The Road Trip reunites the unlikely double act as they make their way to Vegas in a tour bus, hoping to make "Beckham, the Musical" a big hit in Sin City.


A teaser trailer released last week showed Hart and Golden Balls decked out in identical clothing, and a run-in with the police suggested that it could be a bumpier ride than they'd hoped.

The full, five-minute version of the "Modern Essentials" campaign video sequel has now landed, and we're happy to  report that they still make a funny pair.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 23.20.25

Highlights? Well there's a cop pulling the bus over, only to agree to overlook a felony providing he can have a picture with David Beckham. It would't have been awkward had he not mistakenly taken Hart to be the Manchester United and England legend. The actual Becks is ordered to take the photo.


Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 23.20.50

There's also a scene where Beckham casually disposes of a snake, quite possibly saving both of their lives, and (spoilers) at one point they accidentally let the bus roll off a cliff and have to watch their (or at least Kevin Hart's) hopes and dreams burst into flames.

Could this series of adverts turn into a trilogy? If H&M can flog enough casual attire from them then we wouldn't be at all surprised.