This deleted scene from The Devil Wears Prada changes everything 4 years ago

This deleted scene from The Devil Wears Prada changes everything

This would've changed everything.

It's been more than a decade since The Devil Was Prada was released - and Miranda Priestly is still one of our favourite film characters of all time.


The blockbuster focuses around the relationship between Miranda and Anne Hathaway's character Andy.

The pair trade barbs throughout the film, until Andy finally ditches the job at the fictional Vogue-like fashion magazine and leaves Miranda behind.

But a recently unearthed scene from the beloved movie has shown a completely other side to Meryl Streep's stoic editor-in-chief.


Buzzfeed community manager Spencer Althouse recently tweeted out a deleted scene from the movie, and we've got to say, it definitely changed things for us.

Here's a refresher of how things went down in the movie:


Andy is stuck at a work event with Emily and Miranda - all so she can feed their boss the names and important information about the people she's chatting with.

It's a largely uneventful moment in the film, until Emily trips up and totally forgets the name of a guest - allowing Andy to swoop in and save the day.

This is the moment we start to see Andy make her way into Miranda's good graces...and then the scene is over.

But this deleted scene would've changed a lot. 

The footage shows Andy diffusing an even more awkward situations after Miranda's husband joined the crowd, making rude and aggressive comments to the CEO of Runway's parent company.


Miranda begins to steer him away, but not before she mouths 'thank you' to Andy for helping smooth things over.

And Twitter has some pretty mixed feelings about the unearthed video.