Denise Van Outen would love to return to Ireland's Got Talent 1 year ago

Denise Van Outen would love to return to Ireland's Got Talent

"If there's a show we could all do again it would be Ireland's Got Talent." 

Denise Van Outen was a judge on Ireland's Got Talent for its duration from 2018-19 and she recently told Her how much she misses it, and Ireland. 


“Early 2022 I’ve got a bit of a break so if we’re allowed to travel I’m gonna get on a plane and head to Dublin that’s for sure," she said. 

The Big Breakfast star says she remains friends with the other judges from the show including Louis Walsh and Jason Byrne. 

She remains particularly close with Michelle Visage, “Michelle’s a really close friend.” 

Michelle of RuPaul's Drag Race keeps in touch with Denise over facetime and Denise even joked about Michelle asking her to get involved with Drag Race. 


Kimberley Walsh and Denise have partnered up with One4all after their recent survey found that one in five Irish people are most looking forward to catching up with friends this Christmas. 

The two will be having a Friendsmas to celebrate the festivities with all their besties; “well we’re all piling over to Kimberley’s house, so she’s hosting us we’re going to have a festive feast, it just makes sense cause Kimberly’s got a 6-month-old so we’re like you stay put, we’ll come to you,” says Denise. 

"Also Denise and I both do daytime tv at the minute so we don’t want to be up too late so that way we can have a nice early festive dinner, have a proper catch-up, and still get to bed in time for daytime tv,” says Kimberley. 


Denise tells a story of their wilder days when they all took a girls' trip abroad. 

"We went on a girls' trip to Sardinia and Nicola Roberts was with us and it went from us being very demure at the start of the evening in these lovely evening dresses and by the end of the night we got very very drunk."

"I’ll blame Nicola Roberts for that cause we kept calling her the Tequila dealer because she kept making us do Tequila shots and by the end of the night we were like a giggling mess in the hotel lobby," she says. 


Kimberley laughs; "Oh gosh there were a lot of hanging people in that airport the next day and I still do blame Nicola for all of them.”