Derry Girls star reveals how the iconic show will probably end 3 years ago

Derry Girls star reveals how the iconic show will probably end

If you've never seen Derry Girls, please get yourself onto the All4 player and watch Derry Girls. 

It's intelligent, it's quick, it's entertaining, and it's probably the funniest thing you could spend 22 minutes of your life watching an episode of.


Perfect viewing, really.

And while the second season of everyone's new favourite sitcom hasn't even dropped onto our televisions yet, it's time to think about the ending and how the show is possibly going to wrap up in years to come.

And we know, we don't want to consider that time either, but as far as endings go, this seems like a pretty good one.


Derry Girls star Saoirse Monica Jackson has said that although there's nothing official in the pipeline yet with regards to an ending, the show's writer Lisa McGee does have a few ideas knocking about.

She told The Sun:

“I know Lisa McGee, the writer, wants to protect the show, she has a certain journey in mind.

“All I know is that she would like it to go up to the ceasefire and that’s a long way off.”

A long way off means more seasons of Derry Girls to look forward to, which we are entirely OK with.


Saoirse Monica went on to say that a lot of the show's success is down to the supposed mundanity of the character's lives.

“Derry Girls shows the normality of people’s lives, no matter what they were going through. That’s where the comedy lies," she said.


“People just power through, pretending this is a normal state of affairs when, of course, it’s not normal.

"I grew up in Derry but was only two years of age when the period we’re showing was going on. But those in Derry who lived through that time think it’s a positive representation of the people.”

Derry Girls' second season begins production this October.