Did you spot this weird in-joke on 'Coronation Street' last night? 5 years ago

Did you spot this weird in-joke on 'Coronation Street' last night?

Breaking news: Corrie has gone meta.

Eagle-eyed soap fans were quick to spot a blink-and-you'll-miss-it telly crossover moment on last night's episode of Coronation Street.


In one scene, the character of Liz McDonald is seen sitting back watching TV - while chugging a glass of red wine, as you do in the middle of a weekday - and the programme she's watching is daytime panel show Loose Women.

Corrie and Loose Women are both ITV shows, which is strange enough already. But it gets even weirder.

Beverley Callard, the actress who plays Liz, has herself been a guest panellist on Loose Women in the past.

Let's just take a second to grasp the Inception-like weirdness of that.


This intrusion of our real world into Corrie's fictional one can set the mind off on a real trip: for instance, does this mean Liz also watches other soaps, like EastEnders? Is there even a way, in this mad topsy turvy universe, that she watches Coronation Street?!

ALSO: Loose panellist Sherrie Hewson was once a Corrie regular herself, playing Maureen Webster.


Which means Liz would have known Maureen: does Liz then recognise Sherri on Loose Women?!

Ow, my head.


Or maybe it's just a new ITV approach to cross-promote shows? Maybe Rita will be shown watching The X Factor next?

The Loose Women loved the joke at any rate, as they would.