People think A Bug's Life could be getting a sequel after this hint 4 years ago

People think A Bug's Life could be getting a sequel after this hint

It's been 20 years since A Bug's Life first came out.

We know, we can't quite believe it either.


It feels like just yesterday that we were watching the accident-prone Flik try to save his colony from a group of evil grasshoppers.

And, with Incredibles 2 and Toy Story 4, on the way, many people have been hoping to see Flik on the big screen once again.

Disney/Pixar sent fans into overdrive over the weekend when they shared a still from the movie, leading many to think that a sequel could be on the way.


The photo appears to show Princess Dot looking down from a giant clover petal, telling users to:

"Try a new perspective."


And people were clearly on board with the chance to catch up with Flik, Princess Atta and Co.



But, in sad news for anyone hoping to take a stroll down memory lane, it looks like it was more than likely some kind of motivational post than anything else.

A number of other stills from popular movies, like Monster's Inc and Up, have also popped up on the Twitter account recently.

And while Disney/Pixar have previously said that they won't be making any animated sequels after 2019, we can still dream...