Doctor reveals why he turned down job on new Caroline Flack cosmetic surgery show 3 years ago

Doctor reveals why he turned down job on new Caroline Flack cosmetic surgery show

Cosmetic doctor Tijion Esho has said that he can't think of any doctor who would take part in new Channel 4 show The Surjury.

The controversial show, due to air in 2020, is set to be fronted by Love Island presenter Caroline Flack.


It will see contestants try to convince a jury of 12 strangers that they should be chosen to undergo a cosmetic procedure, like a breast augmentation or nose job.

The jury will have to choose between contestants and award one with the surgery they want.

Now Dr Esho, who was approached to work on the show, has said that he had to turn the gig down for ethical reasons.

"Having surgery is such a personal choice and it shouldn’t be based on a jury telling you whether or not to have something done," he told Metro.

"The process of any procedure has big risks and to be honest I can’t think of any doctor who would take part so I am wondering who agreed to sign up to do it."


Dr Esho, who previously appeared on E4 show Body Fixers, said he was initially interested when the idea was pitched to him but backed out when he saw a press release detailing the show's concept.

"I tried to get more information about the show and in the end, I couldn’t get any more so it got to the point where I told my management that I couldn’t do it.

"I had to look at it from an ethical point of view and to be responsible for the millennial generation."

Host Caroline Flack meanwhile got into a Twitter spat with Jameela Jamil this week after details of the show were announced.


"Welp. Black Mirror is officially happening guys. It’s here," Jameela tweeted, reacting to the news.

Caroline was quick to reply, saying; "Have you managed to see a copy before me ? Please forward .. am desperate to see.."

Another Twitter user asked Caroline why she was defensive about such a "toxic and exploitative" show, to which Caroline replied that life is "about individual choice".


Yikes. Given everything that's gone on in reality TV over the past year, we've our fingers crossed that Channel 4 looks after everyone involved properly.