Domestic abuse charity 'disappointed' that Dan Osborne is in Celebrity Big Brother 3 years ago

Domestic abuse charity 'disappointed' that Dan Osborne is in Celebrity Big Brother

A domestic abuse charity is "disappointed" that Dan Osborne has been included in this series of Celebrity Big Brother. 

Solace Women's Aid has said that Channel 5 should "make a stand against" domestic violence in order not to normalise such behaviour.


Osborne was dropped from TOWIE in 2015 after recordings of him threatening to attack his ex Megan Tomlin were leaked in the media.

Osborne has since said he was "embarrassed" about the incident and claimed that there was "no intention of violence."

Solace told Grazia magazine this week that they were "disappointed" by Channel 5's decision to cast the reality star in the show.

A statement reads:

"ITV (TOWIE) took a strong position that domestic violence is never acceptable and you have to make a stand against it, otherwise this kind of behaviour is normalised and women’s lives are at stake.

“A threat to kill will have a devastating impact, it’s frightening and never okay, and the trauma will stay with the victim for years after."


They went on to say that they hoped Channel 5 would "move on" from this casting "and become amazing and strong advocates for women."

"We invite them to come and meet some of the women and children affected by domestic violence and come behind the scenes at Solace to gain insight into women’s lived experience of abuse," they said.