Don't panic but there's another Beyoncé documentary on the way 2 years ago

Don't panic but there's another Beyoncé documentary on the way

Spoiled for choice, so we are.

Earlier this year, the breathtaking, stunning, lyrically perfect Homecoming dropped onto Netflix.


The film was the Beyoncé documentary we had been waiting for our entire lives, detailing her intense preparation for her 2018 Coachella performance, her struggle around her appearance and health following the birth of twins Rumi and Sir, as well as the incredible gig itself.

Basically, it was unreal and we are, of course, not worthy.

And while one would presume that a single Beyoncé documentary would be enough to satisfy the Beyhive for one year, it turns out it's not.

Because another Beyoncé film is coming soon. So soon, in fact, that it's actually airing in the States tonight.


Delightful news of a Monday.


Making The Gift, which airs on ABC this evening, details the process behind making Beyoncé's latest musical offering, The Gift. 

The album, which was released alongside her performance in the recent remake of Disney's The Lion King, features songs from Donald Glover and Pharrell Williams.


It's also 27 tracks long, so you know, meaty.

This comes just a few months after the success of Homecoming, which saw a whole ream of new fans join the already packed Beyhive.

Welcome, friends. It's busy in here.

You can check out the trailer for Making The Gift here: