Educating Yorkshire's Mushy has emotional reunion with teacher who helped with stammer 2 months ago

Educating Yorkshire's Mushy has emotional reunion with teacher who helped with stammer


Educating Yorkshire stars Musharaf Asghar and Matthew Burton have reunited, 10 years after the teacher notably helped the student overcome his stammer.


It's been 10 years since Musharaf, also known as Mushy, appeared in the docuseries as it showed him discovering his voice again and overcoming a severe stammer all with the help of Mr Burton.

As he prepared a speech as part of his English GCSE exam, Burton suggested that he should listen to music while reading the lines aloud, something he had seen being done in The King's Speech.

The trick worked and Mushy was soon able to speak fluently with teachers and fellow students.

Now a journalist and a keynote speaker, it is a career that never would have happened had it not been for Mr Burton's help and guidance.


Appearing on Good Morning Britain this morning, he was surprised by his old teacher and reunited with Mr Burton.

Speaking over video link, they clearly still have a close relationship as Mushy joked it was "nice to see" Burton had "a full set of hair."

Speaking about how "incredibly proud" of Mushy he is, Mr Burton said: "When you get into teaching you want to make a positive difference every day. I’m sitting here listening to him talking and I’m incredibly proud of the young man he is."

Also saying it was "fortunate" that this had been captured on film, he went on to say that things of this significance "happen in classrooms every single day."


"I’m sitting here listening to him and I’m blown away by the young man he is," Mr Burton added, paying tribute to his "perseverance, determination and grot."

"It’s everything we as teachers try and instil in young people to have a positive impact in the world."