Emmerdale's Nicola and Jimmy King might be done and love is dead, oh well 7 months ago

Emmerdale's Nicola and Jimmy King might be done and love is dead, oh well

There are few soap couples that stand the test of time.

Think Zak and Lisa Dingle. Gail Platt and Richard Hillman. Sarah and Todd from Corrie that one time.

Or, actually, never mind because none of those couples lasted very long and indeed crashed and burned due to murder, sexuality, or just general hatred of one another.


One couple who we generally thought would last long enough though were Jimmy and Nicola King - mainly because they've been together in the Dales for a fairly long time and haven't really had any major scandal to rock them.

Until now.

Following Nicola's failed scamming of Graham Foster, things between her and Jimmy haven't exactly been all that hot.

With a load of drama concerning their house, Nicola's inability to get a job in the factory, and the need to pretend to the kids that everything is absolutely fine, cracks are beginning to show.

So much so that Jimmy's becoming increasingly frustrated with the whole scenario that is essentially Nicola's fault anyway.

You would, like.

The pair's relationship will come under immense strain over the coming weeks as Nicola desperately tries to make amends for leading her family into this shit show - and Jimmy struggles to give his wife the support she so desperately needs.

All a bit of a disaster, really.