Every episode of GLEE is coming to Netflix in June and it's the news we needed 1 year ago

Every episode of GLEE is coming to Netflix in June and it's the news we needed

She took the midnight train going ANNNNNYWHEREEEEE...

It's been a while since we can last remember binge watching Glee but thankfully, we're getting the chance to relive all episodes of all six seasons of the hit US show because it's all coming to Netflix and real soon.

Announcing the lineup for June, the streaming service has some gems on the way from a brand new season of Black Mirror season five to Jessica Jones and the new movie with Jennifer Anniston Murder Mystery, June is looking seriously good and now the box set of Glee is just the cherry on top.

The hit show which launched back in 2009 saw a total of 121 episodes over six years before calling it a day in March 2015.

Just this week the hit show turned 10-years-old and many of the cast members took to social media to reminisce over the series including lead star Lea Michele who played Rachel Berry.

Now, without giving away any spoilers (for those who haven't seen the series don't click the videos) but for others, here are some epic song scenes from the show to get you hyped for the return.

There was Smooth Criminal in season 3...

All That Jazz starring a cameo role from Kate Hudson...

The incredibly emotional performance of Make You Feel My Love following Cory Monteith's death.

And lastly, the ICONIC performance that is Don't Stop Believing.

We could go on for days but this is definitely enough to get you excited for what's to come.

Bring it on. Our lungs are ready.