Everyone's saying the same thing about Toff and Rebekah's trial 5 years ago

Everyone's saying the same thing about Toff and Rebekah's trial

"If you can eat your placenta, you can eat anything."

Tonight, Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo and Rebekah Vardy took on the first eating trial of this year's series of I'm A Celeb. 


The 'worst dates restaurant' saw Toff and Rebekah sample five courses including some delicious fermented duck egg, mealworms, and a load of other nasty things we'd rather not have to remember thanks very much.

Toff got things off to a great start anyway admitting that she gags on jagerbombs even though she loves jagerbombs.

Which was, of course, a great sign for things to come.

No really, it was...  because the gals absolutely smashed it and went back to camp with a seriously impressive 8 stars.


Toff and Rebekah wolfed down some anus, fish eyes, worms, an actual penis, dead crickets, a literal spider, and a vomit fruit.

They even managed to crack a few jokes throughout too.


Absolute machines.

Viewers were, of course, only delighted that the pair managed to do so well too, securing them firmly within everyone's fan favourite list for this series.


They took to Twitter to share their joy, with only a few begrudgingly wishing that the stars would have failed miserably.

The majority, thankfully, were only supportive.


The campmates were, understandably, seriously relieved once Toff and Becks returned to camp.

And we don't blame them at all, to be honest.

Beans and rice get really old really quick.