Fans are convinced they know Rihanna's baby's gender already 6 months ago

Fans are convinced they know Rihanna's baby's gender already

Boy or girl?

Not even 24 hours after news broke of Rihanna's pregnancy and fans are already convinced they know what gender her baby will be.


The singer announced she was expecting her first baby with A$AP Rocky, posing for a photoshoot in New York City as she showed off her new baby bump.

But now, fans are convinced that she dropped a major hint about her baby's gender while doing so, as she posed in a bright pink jacket unbuttoned and teamed it with brightly coloured jewels while showing off her bump.

Of course, as she wore pink in the shoot, some people have come to the conclusion that she must be having a girl because of it.

"Why do I feel like the pink Coat indicates that she's having a mini her, just tell us you're having a girl Riri #Rihanna #asaprocky," one person tweeted.



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Another wrote: "My favorite girl #Rihanna pregnant, looking so beautiful & glowing. I feel like she's giving us a hint with all that pink, it's going to be a girl?"

A third said: "I am a professional baby gender forecaster. I am usually ALWAYS right. Rihanna is having a girl."


A fourth added: "Im assuming Rihanna having a girl. That’s why the coat pink."

Even if it's not a girl this time, Rihanna has revealed in the past that she wants a few children, so there's always time for her to have her baby girl.

Speaking to Vogue in 2020, Rihanna was asked where she'd see herself in 10 years, saying: "I'll have kids – three or four of 'em."

While she's all loved up with A$AP Rocky now, at the time she added: "I feel like society makes me want to feel like, 'Oh, you got it wrong…' They diminish you as a mother if there's not a dad in your kids' lives.


"But the only thing that matters is happiness. That's the only healthy relationship between a parent and a child. That's the only thing that can raise a child truly, is love."