Fans shocked as The Chase's Bradley Walsh appears to give an answer 2 years ago

Fans shocked as The Chase's Bradley Walsh appears to give an answer


The Chase is embroiled in controversy once more after fans spotted Bradley Walsh apparently whispering an answer to a struggling contestant.

The shocking behaviour, and it is shocking if true, comes only a week after the ITV staple was also accused of pausing the clock to give the Governess time to answer a decisive question and prevent a team from securing £60,000 in prize money.

The question was "Which of these compass points appears in the name of a UK national park?", and after reading out the potential answers the host could clearly be heard making a noise, a noise that sounded a lot like the letter "A", which happened to be the right answer.

Obviously, the contestant then went for "A" and Bradley Walsh pretended to be completely amazed she had managed to guess the right answer after it had previously looked as though her head might have exploded through sheer confusion.

The one defence Walsh has is that occasionally after reading out a particularly tough little teaser he will respond by turning to the contestant or the audience and asking "Hey?" in a confused manner, as though the question about quantum physics or written in a different language. If he was simply doing this then we apologise. We'll send you some flowers or something.

However, loyal viewers of the show, an evening quiz format they thought they could truly believe in, remain sceptical. They've been hurt before, who can blame them for having trust issues?