Frankie has responded to the news that Samira has left Love Island 2 months ago

Frankie has responded to the news that Samira has left Love Island

“Who’s heard the news?”

News broke just a short while ago that Samira has left the Love Island villa and while we knew she wasn’t happy, the announcement still took us by surprise.

Yes, Samira decided to leave the villa just days after her partner Frankie was dumped and now he’s responded to the news.

While many questioned the legitimacy of their relationship and whether or not Frankie would be waiting for her when she left the villa, it looks like now we have our answer.

Taking the Instagram a short while ago, Frankie said:

“Who’s heard the news? I am so excited, just want to give her a huge hug.”

Also posting on his Instagram Stories, Frankie responded when one fan asked him:


“Are you excited that Samira is coming out?” to which he responded, “Can’t wait to see her”.

And if Frankie’s social media is anything to go by, he’s been missing her as much as she clearly missed him.

Sharing a picture of a little something Samira left in his luggage before he left, Frankie said:

“Not sure when she managed to sneak this in my case but it makes me even more excited to see her.”

While we might be disappointed to see Samira leave, knowing that Frankie and she will be reunited is the silver lining we need right now.