Gemma Collins can see herself as the next James Bond - and same 1 year ago

Gemma Collins can see herself as the next James Bond - and same

"The name's Bond, Gemma Bond."

All-round icon Gemma Collins has put her name into the ring for consideration for the next James Bond.


During a recent episode of her podcast, the Only Way is Essex star spoke about what she could bring to the role - and I have to agree.

"I'd love to do a particular job that's all about keeping secrets," Gemma said. "Namely being an international super spy."

She continued: "This would be my dream job. I am constantly obsessed with watching action movies, and I can see myself being the first female Bond.

"The name's Bond, Gemma Bond."


The reality legend assured her fans that she would bring a distinct GC touch to the role.

"I quite like the films, so I wouldn't change much," she said. "I wouldn't put on a fancy accent. I'd talk how I'd talk. It would be absolutely fabulous. I've got a licence to thrill baby!"

Wouldn't it though? Picture this icon, decked out with the latest gadgets, tackling villains and saving the day.


To be honest, Gemma Collins as 007 feels like a natural fit. In fact, she might be overqualified for the role.

For instance, James Bond is known for having just one catchphrase, and it's super boring.

Gemma, on the overhand, has a number of iconic phrases under her belt, and it's no surprise - she is a massive fan of the dictionary.

"Kiss my designer vagina," or "I'm claustrophobic, Darren," blow "The name's Bond, James Bond," out of the water any day of the week.


Additionally, 007 has to be adept at escaping capture from his villainous enemies. On Celebrity Big Brother, Gemma proved she could do exactly that when she carefully planned her exit by boldly saying, "Get that fire exit door, I'm off."

The current favourite for the next James Bond is Bridgerton actor Regé-Jean Page, and while he would make an excellent fit, we can't help keep our fingers crossed for the GC.

Make. It. Happen.