Gemma Collins' famous quotes have been translated into Irish, just in time for Paddy's Day 1 year ago

Gemma Collins' famous quotes have been translated into Irish, just in time for Paddy's Day

Bíonn clástrafóibe orm, a Darren!

Gemma Collins has become a bit of an icon for her witty one liners and off the wall remarks.


While there is so many Gemma quotes to choose from some of our favourites have to be "I've earned my diva-ship", "I’m a massive fan of the dictionary" and of course "I'm claustrophobic Darren!"

With St.Patrrick's Day only around the corner now there's a lot of love for the Irish language being shared on social media and if you're a fan of both speaking as Gaeilge and Gemma Collins, then do we have a treat for you.


Yes, Gaylgeoiri have truly out done themselves this year by providing us with some of our favorite Gemma Collins quotes as Gaeilge and we're obsessed.

If there's anything better than being able to throw an old Collins quote into a conversation than it's being able to say it in Irish.

Among the quotes translated into Irish are;

"Póg mo fhaighin dearthóra" - Kiss my designer vagina

"Oscail on doras dóiteáin sin, táimse ag fágáil" - Get that fire exit door, I'm off

"Níl mé ag iarraidh aon chluichí eile a imirt." - I don't want to play anymore games

"Imigh sa foc, Gillian McKeith" - Fuck off, Gillian McKeith

"Bíonn clástrafóibe orm, a Darren!" - I'm claustrophobic Darren!


Personally I think we need to get Gemma in on this action as I personally would love to see Gemma Collins go on one of her epic rants as Gaeilge.

Not only have Gaylgeoiri aka Cian Griffin, translated Gemma's quotes but a quick scroll through the Gaylgeoiri Instagram and you'll find everything from Drag Race as Gaeilge to Derry Girls.

Honestly I can't think of a better way for us to brush up on our Irish than to incorporate it into all our pop culture references.