Gogglebox viewers complain about Mary and Giles' tête-à-tête 2 months ago

Gogglebox viewers complain about Mary and Giles' tête-à-tête

People giving each other stick? On Gogglebox? Well, I never.

Gogglebox fans have been complaining about how stars Mary and Giles have been interacting on the show.


The pair were providing a running commentary on current TV shows such as Netflix's YOU and BBC's The Outlaws, when Mary began giving Giles a bit of grief, threatening (rather jovially) to have him sectioned.

Viewers were, for some reason, surprised by this interaction, despite the fact that Mary and Giles' back-and-forth is likely one of the reasons why they were cast on the show in the first place.

"Giles is a legend, could watch him wind Mary up all day," said one person. "Poor Giles. Mary’s giving him merry hell," said another.

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One person said that they thought that it was "not on the way Mary speaks to Giles", while someone else said that they were annoyed that she spoke to her husband "like a toddler."

It would seem as if these viewers had forgotten that half the fun of Gogglebox is not the TV shows the cast are watching, but their interactions with one another; their banter and their quips.

It is after all a fly on the wall series seemingly emulating real sitting rooms and real conversations, and chances are, real people bicker from time to time.


Still, irrespective of these complaints, Giles and Mary have remained firm favourites among fans since they first appeared on the show back in 2015.

The couple, who live in Wiltshire, met when they were 21-years-old and have been married for 30 years.