Graham Norton earned €106k per episode of his TV show last year 9 months ago

Graham Norton earned €106k per episode of his TV show last year

Graham Norton earned €3.4m million euro for his UK chat show last year, it's been revealed.

The Graham Norton Show is a hit with viewers; both the millions who sit down to watch it when it airs on Friday nights on BBC One and the tens of millions more who enjoy clips of it online afterwards.

The Cork man's easy banter with British stars and Hollywood A-listers alike has made him one of the UK's best-loved chat show hosts and his pay packet reflects that.

Graham earned £92,894 (€106,456) per episode of the show in 2018 from production company So Television, reports the Irish Independent.

That adds up to €3.4m for the year. He also picks up a fee of £610,000 from the BBC for his Radio 2 show and other gigs, bringing his overall earnings for the year to €4.1 million.

Speaking to BBC News last year about his pay, Graham said; "Myself and my agent look at that number and we go 'I wonder how they came up with that'.

"It bears no relation to anything I know. But if that's what they say I earn, that's what I earn."

The Graham Norton Show first aired on BBC Two in 2007 and moved to BBC One in 2009.

Though known as an actor and a comedian earlier in his career, this chat show isn't his first. So Graham Norton and V Graham Norton ran on Channel 4 from 1998 to 2002 and 2002 to 2003 respectively.