Grey's Anatomy director says fans should be 'very worried' for DeLuca 1 year ago

Grey's Anatomy director says fans should be 'very worried' for DeLuca

This story contains spoilers for the most recent episode of Grey's Anatomy. 

Grey's Anatomy director Linda Klein has said fans should be "very worried" for DeLuca after the latest episode.


The chief resident traveled six mile on foot - in the middle of a blizzard - to get a liver for a patient of Dr. Hayes. But since he wasn't wearing gloves, he returned to Grey Sloan with severe frostbite on his hands - and if they don't heal within 12 hours, he could lose one (or both) of his hands, which would see the end of his surgical career.

Klein, who directed the episode, said that we should be "very worried" about DeLuca.

"He's a doctor and a surgeon and that's what they need to continue on with their beautiful life," she told TV Guide"So we should be very worried."

And it looks like DeLuca's behaviour may also lead to heartbreak, as his recent behaviour has continued to push away Meredith - who spent the episode growing closer and closer to Dr. Hayes.

"Every scene was got better and better and better...Each time even during the surgery, it was almost like the relationship was beginning," Klein said of the scenes between Meredith and Hayes.

"Each time it was flirtatious. I was worried because it was two people talking at a table, but they brought something to that scene that it it made you want them to be together."