Harry Styles hosted James Corden's show last night and he was GAS 3 years ago

Harry Styles hosted James Corden's show last night and he was GAS

The former boyband star was a huge success!

James Corden and his wife Julia Carey welcomed their third child last night.


Yes, the pair announced the news that Julia had given birth to a baby girl in the early hours of this morning.

The arrival meant that James bowed out of last night's episode of The Late Late Show, however, he roped in some help from his most recent Carpool Karaoke guest, Harry Styles, for hosting duties.

Yes, the former One Directioner stepped in to host last night's show and while many might have been pessimistic about the singer's presenting abilities initially, they were all silenced quickly after the show began.

Harry's opening monologue had the audience in the studio and at home in hysterics and it didn't end there.


From the hilarious segments to his brilliant banter with the guests, Harry had a stand-out performance that has left many suggesting he should have his own show.

Yep, CBS - the channel that James' show is on - is now being inundated with pleas from viewers who are now demanding they commission The Harry Styles Show.


It's got a nice ring to it, ay?

And we have to admit, we'd watch it every week if Harry is as funny as he was on last night's show.