Hate Spoilers? Google Has Just Invented The Perfect Thing For You! 8 years ago

Hate Spoilers? Google Has Just Invented The Perfect Thing For You!

We didn't think we could love Google any more...

… Until now that is.


The search engine giant has this week announced that unwittingly coming across spoilers of your favourite TV shows may well be a thing of the past.

Love The Walking Dead? How about Game of Thrones or Orange is The New Black?

orange is the new black

Well if you do, but don’t have time to watch them the very night they are shown on TV, then this may be the thing for you.


We are all familiar with walking on eggshells throughout social media networking sites and online in general to try and avoid finding out what happened in your favourite show the night before.

walking dead#

Now, according to Google, this may be something you will not have to worry about again as reports have stated that they have been awarded a special patent to hep protect us from spoilers.

It will apparently work by tracking which TV programmes or movies you are interested in, and then filtering out any information on those that you haven’t seen yet or are in the process of watching.


It has also been reported that it will be able to give you a clear warning if anything includes any spoilers.


Although this may well be the best invention ever, Time magazine has warned that it still isn’t clear which of the social networking sites this will affect.

“Large companies like Google aren’t required to turn a patented technology into reality, and even if they do, it can take several years,” the magazine also warned.



However, we think it may well be only a matter of time – preferably before the release of Game of Thrones season five next week please!