5 scandalous moments you might have missed on Love Island last night 9 months ago

5 scandalous moments you might have missed on Love Island last night

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Things are HEATING UP.

A recoupling is around the corner, a new girl has just walked in and someone is about to pack their bags and leave the villa in the first eviction of 2019.

We're not ready for this tea.

Last night saw a lot of "can I pull you for a chat?", Curtis dishing out the love advice like he's been dating the past 50 years, Amy being a total sweetheart, Amber being real, Lucie still being confused... as to what her daily fruit intake is and Tommy making a splash in the tub.

Yep, it was a good'un but in case you missed out or need a recap on all the drama, here are five juicy moments from last night's episode.

Amy and Curtis are the new Sharpay and Ryan... expect not brother and sister

We stan these two. We stan their pace to take things slow, the fact Curtis isn't applying it on factor 50 thick and the fact they're set for the West End the minute they leave the villa.

HSM 4, anyone?

Lucie can't choose men like she can't choose fruit

Previously on Love Island... Lucie was spotted eating an apple AND a banana at the same time. Madness, we know. Maybe Joe is the banana and Tommy is the apple?

Simon Cowell made a cameo in the villa

He was just in the area and looking for a sweet gym setup.

Oh shit, wait, it's just Callum. The lad who gets about as much airtime as Simon Cowell on the show.

Molly-Mae arrived in style

Yas kween, don't introduce yourself to anyone, you go straight to that tub, you hear?

Anton just suddenly decided he likes Anna and now sees her as a 'mission'

Whatever way you like to stay entertained, love.

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