Here's why Gemma and Luca have a fight on tonight's Love Island 2 months ago

Here's why Gemma and Luca have a fight on tonight's Love Island

Things are getting tense.

On last night's episode of Love Island, a teaser for the next episode showed Gemma and Luca butting heads, but it wasn't clear why they were disagreeing.


Many fans have theorised that Gemma had accidentally called Luca by her ex-boyfriend's name, and we can now confirm that they are indeed correct.

On tonight's episode, Gemma "suffers a slip of the tongue" while embracing Luca and accidentally calls him Jacques, which the other islanders pick up on immediately.

Amber laughs and says: "Did you just call him something else?"

Luca responds, saying: "I know what she said."


Dami hops in, and says: "Oh my God, there is not way that happened, there is no way that happened."

Paige, meanwhile, brands it "an easy mistake to make".

Later on, Gemma will pull Luca for a chat in the hopes of making amends, but whether or not she'll be successful is yet to be revealed.


Also on tonight's episode, the Hideaway will be open, and Tasha and Andrew become the first 2022 couple to use it.

In the Beach Hut, Tasha says: "Today I’ve seen such a different side to Andew, he’s just being so much more spicy, he’s being flirty, I don’t know, something in him is giving me more oomph, this is what I’ve been waiting for, this sexy Andrew!"

We'll also see the islanders get to grips with a car-themed challenge called 'Men-Chanics'. In it, the lads are tasked with carrying their partners through oily tyres while being sprayed with water. Later, they'll head to the carwash to perform a sexy dance for the ladies, before the girls get to crown their winner. Later, they'll celebrate with a party in partnership with eBay before the two new bombshells Remi and Jay arrive.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.