Love Island fans have a wild theory that Ekin-Su is Gemma's mum 1 week ago

Love Island fans have a wild theory that Ekin-Su is Gemma's mum

Could it be?

Love Island fans have come up with a crazy theory about Gemma and Ekin-Su after the two contestants caused quite the stir since separately entering the villa.


Ekin-Su is currently couple up with Davide after he chose to couple up with her after being in a par with Gemma.

While that might be one of the things they have in common, some fans of the show feel like that might not be the only thing.

Seeming to go for the same men, fans think they've figured out why this might be with a wild theory that Ekin-Su is actually Gemma's mum.

And they supposedly have evidence too, with one fan backing it up with a picture of Gemma with her mum Louise, who we must admit looks a little bit like Ekin-Su.


They wrote: "#LoveIsland Ekin-Su is not her big sister it’s her mum."

Another said: "Ekin-Su is her mum?"


As the question was asked, we can definitely confirm that the two are not mother and daughter, and Louise really is Gemma's mum and not just Ekin-Su in disguise, and the original twitter user did reveal it was all only a joke.

Last night we saw Ekin-Su getting rather close to Davide as they shared a rather passionate kiss while Gemma and Luca seem to be getting closer despite a teaser for tonight's episode showing the two having what seems to be the show's first big bust up.

Tonight they come head to head at the fire pit and by the looks of things, Gemma has upset Luca, with the clip suggesting it was a "mistake" and there is "nothing more to it."

In the clip, Gemma says: ""I am not..." and then the camera cuts to Luca rolling his eyes as she shouts back: "Don't roll your eyes at me you p***k, it's a genuine mistake. I'm sorry, there's nothing more to it."