Love Island fans already think they've worked out what Gemma and Luca fight over tonight 1 week ago

Love Island fans already think they've worked out what Gemma and Luca fight over tonight

True detective stuff going on here.

Love Island fans have been doing some detective work after last night's episode aired, and after the teaser for tonight showed Gemma calling Luca a "pr**k", they have a feeling they know why.


With the first big clash coming our way this week, things are set to get heated between the two only days after her ex Jacques entered the villa.

Luca was initially worried when he walked in for Gemma has reassured him that there is nothing between her and her ex anymore.

But tonight they come head to head at the fire pit and by the looks of things, Gemma has upset Luca, with the clip suggesting it was a "mistake" and there is "nothing more to it."

Naturally, fans have come up with endless theories, but they all lead back to it having something to do with Jacques.


Fans also noticed that the two are still wearing the clothes they had on from last night's dumping, so it's fresh after that shocking moment.

In the clip, Gemma says: ""I am not..." and then the camera cuts to Luca rolling his eyes as she shouts back: "Don't roll your eyes at me you p***k, it's a genuine mistake. I'm sorry, there's nothing more to it."

Cracking the code, or at least thinking they have, one Twitter user gave this theory: "gemma has 10000% called Luca by Jacques name or some s**t. petty but i’m ready for it."


Another said: "what if gemma calls luca jacques by accident."

A third wrote: "nah i’m crying gemma might of actually called luca jacques by mistake."

And a fourth followed up with: "tell me Gemma has accidentally said jacques instead of Luca pls."

Whatever is really is, you can bet our eyes will be glued to the screen.