Here's the line-up for tonight's Graham Norton Show 2 years ago

Here's the line-up for tonight's Graham Norton Show

Graham is on the back foot this evening.

It's Friday and that can only mean a few things. One is the JOE Friday Pub Quiz, which will be coming later this afternoon.


Another is the Graham Norton Show, which will be on the BBC tonight, but it's one of the rare occasions where the Late Late Show will take precedence, due to it being Toy Show night.

But if you're looking to escape the annual event, then you will find some light relief on Norton's show.

Norton will be joined by US politician Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea, co-authors of The Book of Gutsy Women. As well as speaking about their book, we imagine there'll be a mention or two of President Trump at some stage.

But there won't be just one book to talk about, Jamie Oliver will also in attendance promoting his latest cookbook, called Veg.

There'll also be comedic relief from actor David Mitchell as he discusses his collection of satirical columns.

Plus, there's a bit of music as well as Kesha will be performing her single 'Raising Hell'.

The Toy Show gets the nod, but we'll put this one on record.