Here's the moment the Jane the Virgin cast found out about THAT finale reveal 2 years ago

Here's the moment the Jane the Virgin cast found out about THAT finale reveal

It's incredibly sweet.

Jane The Virgin's fourth season came to a close with what can only be described as a jaw-dropping final few seconds.


The episode started out happily enough for just about everyone - before things went downhill fast, ending with that game changing reveal.

The rest of this story contains huge spoilers for the season four finale of Jane The Virgin. 

Proceed with caution - unless you're all caught up (or want to be spoiled).


The show took its drama-filled telenovela roots to a whole new level in the season finale, where they appeared to reveal that Michael is still alive.

Yes, that Michael. The one who was married to Jane. The one who died midway through season 3.


After Rose told Rafael some information that would "change is life forever", everyone (including Jane) assumed that it would be about his biological parents.

Knowing the truth about his girlfriend Jane's thought-to-be-dead husband, Raf began to spiral - before bringing Michael home.

More than a year (and a season-and-a-half) after watching Michael's death unfold on screen, fans were definitely conflicted about the twist - but, for the most part, they were just pretty stunned.



Showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman later shared a video of the cast finding out about the big reveal - and it looks like they were just as shocked as we were.

We're not crying, you're crying.


Whether or not it is Michael remains to be seen, but the showrunner was willing to confirm one thing about him: he's "not a twin".

She told Entertainment Weekly

"It's not a twin.

"I can't say whether it's definitely Michael – that will be answered in the first episode of the fifth season.

"There's definitely going to be some questions... but it certainly looks like Michael.

"This person — and then we'll talk about him as Michael for clarity — has been somewhere and has had a journey, so we'll be getting into that."