Here's who's on the Graham Norton Show this evening 3 years ago

Here's who's on the Graham Norton Show this evening


With the Late Late Show on its break for the foreseeable future, the only thing we've got to entertain us this evening is the Graham Norton Show.


Unless, you know, you've got mates and have made actually plans for your night but who's that popular really?

Regardless, you should probably just head out tonight mates or no mates though because the lineup for the Graham Norton Show is pretty shocking.

Like, super poor.

First up, Graham's got Dubliner Aidan Turner on to talk about his series Poldark (and being shirtless, probably), which is, you know, probably the most exciting guest on tonight.

Ethan Hawke and comedian Jo Brand will also be there to discuss acting and comedy, respectively.

And then of course, we've got the music in the form of the one, the only, Liam Payne.


Liam recently got married and subsequently had a child with Cheryl Tweedy about a year ago, so it's probably fair to go ahead and say that he'll be chatting about that for a bit.

Or he'll just be singing one of his new songs.

Who can say for sure?

Either way, pretty sure we can all agree that this lineup is not exactly worth staying in for or even considering at all.


Actually, why are you even reading this piece?

There's nothing for you here.