Here's why Practical Magic beats Hocus Pocus as the best Halloween movie 6 months ago

Here's why Practical Magic beats Hocus Pocus as the best Halloween movie

I'm not here to start a war, but it's a fact.

It's that terrifying time of year when we all embrace our dark side, decorate with ghoulish glee, and watch witchy movies to our heart's content. Although Hocus Pocus usually takes top billing as the best Halloween movie on offer, we're keen to throw another contender in the ring and proclaim that Practical Magic is in fact, the greatest Halloween movie of all time.


In Practical Magic, Sally and Gillian Owens (played by Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman) are born into a magical family with a cursed history, when Gillian's abusive boyfriend dies, the sisters have to learn the hard way how powerful their magical gifts actually are.

Don't get us wrong, we're not taking anything away from the iconic Hocus Pocus, but we've listed some reasons below why we think you should step away from Winifred, Sarah and Mary and give the Owens sisters a chance.


1. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman sparkle as sisters

As they wrestle with their ancestor's past mistakes, one of the best things about this movie is the undeniable sisterly bond displayed by the two lead actors. Bullock and Kidman are as convincing as witches as anyone can be, but it's their moving portrayal of sisters that ultimately stays with the audience in the end.


2. Hocus Pocus is a children's movie

Children's movies can only entertain us so much.

3. It's oddly realistic

Yes, we're talking about witches here, but less like the Sanderson Sisters who fly about on broomsticks and cackle mercilessly, this depiction of modern-day witches is actually more of an honest betrayal of the world of Wicca, which many people can relate to.


4. There are scary moments

We all want to be scared at this time of year, and there are scenes in this movie - such as when Gillian is possessed by a vengeful spirit - that do get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up and offer up a good scare.

5. Sandra Bullock is at her finest

God bless the Nineties for delivering us some of the ultimate gems of Sandy Bullock's career and Practical Magic does not disappoint. Her stick-in-the-mud attitude is why we love her so much and forgetting some of the undeniable dark themes running through this movie, she's simply a joy to watch on screen.

Practical Magic is everything you want from a Halloween classic. It's romantic, terrifying, has quirky aunts who 100% deserve a spin-off and Aidan Quinn! Watch Hocus Pocus too by all means, but remember to keep Rosemary by your gate and plant lavender for luck.


Happy Halloween.