I'm A Celeb might include THIS sick item on their Bushtucker menu 9 months ago

I'm A Celeb might include THIS sick item on their Bushtucker menu

Who doesn't love a good Bushtucker trial?

Even better (or worse, we can't decide) is when celebs are faced with the Bushtucker eating challenge.

Everything from kangeroo testicles to wichetty grubs to live cockroaches have been featured entering celebrity's mouths... and exiting them unceremoniously too, to be honest.

Now, however, ITV producers are considering ramping things up and adding one particularly revolting item to their Bushtucker menu.

Cow urine.

cow urine

Yep, cow urine.

Urine from a cow.

The lads over at I'm A Celeb have been testing their new menu out on the German version of the show and word on the street is that they're angling to include the urine on the UK version too.



Speaking to the Daily Star, a show insider said that if Bear Grylls can do it, so can they.

“If Bear Grylls can get his celebrities to drink their own urine, then we can try to get the celebrities to drink cow pee.

"It’s going to be pretty vile. But the celebrities should know we always like to come up with new surprises.”

Unsurprisingly, the urine didn't go down too well (lol) on the German show, with one contestant refusing to drink the pee.

We don't blame you, man.

cow urine

In the past, I'm A Celeb has been criticised for its use of live insects and animal parts in Bushtucker trials.

Last year, the show came under fire when Gogglebox star Scarlet Moffet ate a live beetle as part of her trial.

Many fans took to Twitter to accuse the ITV programme of animal cruelty.