Indiyah and Dami head to the hideaway as a classic challenge returns to Love Island 2 months ago

Indiyah and Dami head to the hideaway as a classic challenge returns to Love Island


Love Island this year has been drama central and as we come into the final few days, there has been one thing fans have been begging for - challenges.


And that's precisely what they're getting tonight, along with a decent amount of chaos on top of it.

The Villa received a text asking the islanders to choose one couple to spend the night in the Hideaway and as a lot of the solid couples have already had their time there, luck is on Indiyah and Dami's side.

Elsewhere in the villa, and as we saw from last night's preview, Ekin-Su and Nathalia are both fighting to get Davide's attention.


Taking things to the kitchen, they decide to settle things over a pancake cooking competition the following morning.

Ekin-Su tells Nathalia: “Do you know what I’ve learnt my love, the best way to end an argument is cooking, so you can prove to me with your pancakes my love, to see how good you are.”

Nathalia responds: “I don’t need to prove anything babe, honestly who are you for me to prove anything?”


Ekin-Su answers: “I am Ekin-Su babe and there's only one of me.”

Nathalia questions again: “Who is that to me? Who is that to me though, Ekin-who..?”

Luca then appears to announce to the others: "It ends in the kitchen, tomorrow morning, be there, Turkey Vs Brazil.”


The pair then go head to head in the cook-off, with the other islanders as bodyguards, trainers and fans but who will Davide choose?

Much to viewers' delight, there is a challenge on the way as You've Got Male returns, seeing the boys working for the Love Island Postal Service AKA L.I.P.S.

They must emerge from a post van, hop onto a conveyor belt, strip out of their uniform before selecting a girl to put in their trolley and take around the obstacle course as their special delivery.

Off a high from the hectic events of the day, Paige gets a text that evening to say there will be a recoupling where the girls get to choose who they want to couple up with, but who will the new girls go for?