The internet can't deal with Ryan Tubridy's Toy Show opening 8 months ago

The internet can't deal with Ryan Tubridy's Toy Show opening

We love to see it.

Twitter is one of the best places to go to see what everyone else is thinking during the Late Late Toy Show, and better to make sure it's not just you thinking it.


And from the moment the show started, we all had a million and one thoughts flying around our heads and it seems we were all thinking the same thing.

Ryan Tubridy made his big entrance to the Lion King themed show with his rendition of Hakuna Matata, which seemed to be a hit with viewers at home.

But it was Ryan's outfit that seemed to have gotten the most laughs on Twitter, with people cracking jokes from the second the show started.


Ryan opted to dress as Timon, who we all know as the hilarious meerkat from the Disney version of their performance.

And while the majority of people adored Ryan's opening number, there was a few of us who took to Twitter to make some light hearted jokes about the whole thing. Sure, the toy show wouldn't be the same without them.

One person said: "Mufasa didn’t die for this… #LateLateToyShow."

Another wrote: "Brave opening outfit from Tubbs #LateLateToyShow."


A third said: "RYAN IS MEANT TO BE TIMON?!?"



Another wrote: "#LateLateToyShow when you're Timon costume doesn't quite come off as planned."

With a fifth saying: "Tubbers attempting to do Timon aged me by about ten years."

With another saying: "Wait that was a Timon costume? I'm shook, that just wasn't a Meerkat #LateLateToyShow."

Regardless of a few hilarious tweets, viewers were very impressed by his opening number, with the show having the country break down into tears at every turn, happy tears of course.