Jack said the sweetest thing about Laura after they left the villa last night 2 years ago

Jack said the sweetest thing about Laura after they left the villa last night


As we know, Jack and Laura left Love Island last night and that finale is edging closer and closer with the winners announced this coming Monday.

Anyway, Jack Fowler, new Jack if you will, has had a dramatic time between that infamous kiss with Georgia and then breaking up with old Laura and starting a romance with new Laura.

Possibly the most confusing show ever...we know.

However, after the couple left last night, they gave exit interviews and discussed their time on the show and how they enjoyed it etc.

How is everyone feeling about the new couple Jack and @lauraloucrane #loveisland ?

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Both said they didn't have any regrets, that they made friends in the villa, so on and so forth but it was Jack's favourite memory that completely melted us.

Describing it as a 'standout' moment, Jack said that he was completely taken aback when Laura Crane, aka new Laura, arrived.

"One of my standout memories was when Laura walked through the door. I said to the boys, ‘I’m in trouble now’ because I’ve said it would take something special to spin my head. When I saw her and I said ‘hello’ to her, I knew that was it.

"Another memory was winning a few of the challenges. All of it was such an experience and I loved every minute of it".

Jack also chatted about how he spoke to Laura Anderson, who he was previously coupled up with, before leaving the villa.

"It was only right for me to talk to her on her own last night before I left to say, ‘You were a big part of my journey in here. I do think a lot of you and I am really grateful for you.’ I wanted to make sure she was okay and tell her how happy I was for her and Paul".