Jake and Liberty have a difficult conversation on tonight's Love Island 2 months ago

Jake and Liberty have a difficult conversation on tonight's Love Island

Liberty makes her feelings very clear tonight.

The Jake and Liberty drama is set to continue on tonight's episode, with the two sitting down for a long-overdue heart to heart.


Prior to their difficult chat, Liberty confides in Faye, telling her that she has "got to be true to herself".

Despite their recent issues, she tells Faye: "I just don't think we're right for each other."

Later, Liberty pulls Jake aside, and the couple air it all out.

She says, "I just don't feel like you love me for me and I want someone who loves me for me."

Jake then replies with: "What are saying then, are we saying we'll go our separate ways then?"

But whether or not this couple break up tonight remains to be seen.


Tonight's episode also sees the islanders celebrate Liam's birthday. The Welshman is, much to several fans' disbelief, only 22.

The day kicks off with the gang singing him happy birthday in Welsh, and then Millie whips him up some blueberry pancakes.

Additionally, as the season winds down, Faye and Teddy and Tyler and Kaz head off from the villa to go on their final date.

While out, Faye tells Teddy that opening up to him was "one of the best things she's ever done".

She says: "We've had our ups and downs, more so my fault than yours.


"I was almost waiting for that opportunity for you to f*ck up so I could run instead of falling for you."

Teddy then assures her that he felt they needed the slip-up to see how they recover from "shit situations".

Meanwhile, Kaz and Tyler are hopeful about their future together outside of the villa.

Tyler tells her that he hopes they can work towards their next relationship goals once they leave, to which Kaz replies: "Everyone around us is moving at a different pace, and that's fine. For me, I'm so tunnel vision. I look at our journey. I'm not in a race. I'm not looking to compete or compare us to anyone else. We're on our own vibe and I like it."


Tyler agrees, adding: "It's like we're in our own little bubble. Nothing else matters."

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One and on the Virgin Media Player.