Jake says he wants to get back together with Liberty 1 year ago

Jake says he wants to get back together with Liberty

There's still hope for Jiberty.

It's looking like Love Island's Jake Cornish still has eyes for Liberty Poole, and he definitely still wants to get back with her.


Opening up about the future of Jiberty on This Morning, Jake didn't rule out a potential reunion, and it seemed more like he wanted to completely get back together with Liberty.

Chatting to Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford, Jake was asked: "You spoke about how intense it was. Would it be less pressurised on the outside? Is this the end of Jiberty or could there be a resuscitation going on?"

Jake then explained the situation: "It definitely would be a lot easier on the outside, like you said it’s very intense, but I don’t know.


"We haven't spoke really, we haven't spoke about anything because we just got our phones back - I only got her number last night - but I’d like to think so."

While Jake might be all for a reunion, viewers and Jake himself noticed that Liberty couldn't have looked more awkward sitting there, so he added: "But like I say it takes two to tango, doesn’t it."

Ruth then asked Liberty the same question, if she thinks there could be a reunion at some point in the future.

Liberty said: "I’m feeling good to be fair.


"There was contributing factors that obviously just led it to end. I definitely made the right decision in there for me at the time and stuff.

"Me and Jake... there's no animosity there. We still get on really well.

"So it was the right decision for now.


"You can never say never [about a reunion] because you just don’t know what will happen in the future, but yeah for now we definitely made the right decision."

While the couple looked like they would be the romance of the series, cracks followed closely behind and Liberty started questioning everything, eventually leading to their breakup.

With her finding out Jake didn't find her all that attractive in the beginning and the girls voicing their doubts about him, it was only a matter of time before Jiberty was no more.

Ultimately, the two ended things and left the villa days before the final as friends, but the outside world could change everything.