Something 'crazy' planned for Ciaran's return on Fair City, promises star Johnny Ward 5 months ago

Something 'crazy' planned for Ciaran's return on Fair City, promises star Johnny Ward

Two years after appearing to die, Fair City's Ciaran Holloway is coming back with a bang.

Carrigstown's kidnapper is in for "something crazy" when he returns next week, actor Johnny Ward has said.

Viewers will remember Ciaran for keeping Katy O'Brien in a box for 13 months. We last saw him when he was stabbed in May 2017.

Even Johnny, who plays Ciaran, thought he was dead but the character will be back on screens for the soap's 30th anniversary special next week.

Speaking about the return, Johnny told RTÉ; "You know, he’s very misunderstood. He’s had a very difficult life. He thought his sister was dead for all of these years and he comes back and finds out that Tessa is actually alive!

"He sees a newspaper article and discovers that she is in Carrigstown of all places. He arrives on his own and he has to keep a low profile.

"Then, something crazy happens, and I think when the nation sees it they are just going to be like 'Oh my God!’."

Johnny has appeared in Coppers: The Musical and Dancing With The Stars since leaving Fair City, admitted he was apprehensive about coming back.

"I was worried that it wasn’t going to be the same, or I wouldn’t remember the character, because it’s been two and a half years, it was April 2017, it was so long ago.

"The second I got back and we went through the read-through, and I got to see everyone, I just got really, really excited, and it has been that way ever since."

Fair City's hour-long anniversary episode airs next Wednesday 18 September.