And Just Like That... episode 8: Nobody saw this one coming 4 months ago

And Just Like That... episode 8: Nobody saw this one coming

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The theme of this episode... awkward.


It's not long now until the series is finished and episode eight of And Just Like That... has just dropped on NOW. Time flies when you're watching a LOT of drama unfold.

And as far as drama goes, Miranda finds herself in the middle of it yet again as she listens to Che speak at an LGBTQ+ event only to spot her son Brady in the crowd.

But Che might find themselves in even more drama as they discover Miranda hasn't been completely honest with them, revealing she's not in an open marriage like Che assumed. Yikes.

Later on when Miranda asks Steve for a divorce, the only reaction I had was heartbreak. While Miranda was doing what was best for her, I can't help but be Team Steve. Their relationship has never been smooth sailing, but now I can't help but feels that something viewers love so dearly has been thrown away.


If you've been keeping up with these reviews, you'll know I have a major soft spot for Harry and Steve, so you can only imagine how much I laughed when Charlotte proposed with a fitness ring to Harry and tried to "seal the idea" only for Lily to almost walk in on something she really wouldn't want her to see.

Wanting to be more sex-positive, Charlotte decides to be honest with Lily and explain what really went on and while I sat there with my hands over my eyes, I found myself peeping through my fingers... unable to look away from the awkward.

Elsewhere, Carrie is dealing with her own awkward moments while being concerned she's starting to show her age. Shouting at her neighbours for being too loud, she so desperately doesn't want to be that person and immediately tries to seem cool. Typical Carrie.



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Apologising by bringing brownies, things only get more awkward when Carrie gets a glimpse of her downstairs neighbours' downstairs.

Watching Carrie in this episode just made me want to have an aunt like her, the cool aunt that lets you stay over and prowl through her vintage wardrobe and looks after the neighbour when they've had one too many or a massive break up. We all need a Carrie like this in our lives, no matter how awkward they might be.


This episode was packed with drama, but did focus so heavily on the Miranda, Che and Steve arc that Carrie and Charlotte seemed to be brushed to the side with whimsical storylines. Heartwarming nonetheless, but slightly redundant. Will I still be hooked again next week? You bet I will.

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