Review: And Just Like That... the series is finished 6 months ago

Review: And Just Like That... the series is finished

Brought to you by NOW.

And just like that, it was over.


Ok so, it's the last episode of And Just Like That... on NOW and I think my tears just washed off all my makeup.

Carrie is back dating - officially and while her romance with Peter so far has been rocky, it seems to be looking up for our favourite writer.

Miranda has done a lot of things in this show to annoy me, but shutting Carrie down completely when she says how she'd like to think Big is in heaven smoking a cigar, that was the last straw.

Whatever your beliefs are, for a friend to sit there and make another feel so small for believing in something after such a traumatic event, that's not okay and really put me off Miranda more.


After that scene I was immediately crying, Carrie texting Samantha and for her to spark up a conversation, my heart couldn't handle it. Could we maybe get Samantha back?


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Like I said in the last review, Charlotte's whole family situation needs their own show, with Anthony involved too, obviously. Rock being a teen and not caring at all about their "theymitzvah" (I get what they were going for here, but surely Ba Mitzvah would've made more sense and just drop the R or T), and the adults getting a little frantic about it, comedy gold.


But the cringiest scene of all? Che singing to Miranda. Now listen, I have no issue with Che and they've been getting a lot of unnecessary hate, but why would the writers only give people more of a reason to hate them by making them sing?

The reason behind it though - it's a big yes from me, bring Miranda with you, make this the Carrie and Charlotte show.

No matter how much Carrie tries to move on, Big is always with her and a year on from his death, it's just as heartbreaking to see how much she is clinging on to the idea of him.


And now as she decides where his resting place should be, it's as if you can see her relief and she can get on with her life, the final push she needed to move on.

But the nerve of Miranda to start on Carrie for judging her for moving to LA was a low blow as if she wasn't judging Carrie through the whole episode.

Let's be real, And Just Like That... isn't the same as the original and it was never going to be. As reluctant as I was to let myself enjoy it, I can say I was surprised. Some aspects I adored, and those I didn't, I loved to hat

And for that ending? It really brought us back to the original - a ginger Miranda, Samantha more involved, and the name of Carrie's podcast.... I was a sobbing mess in the best way.

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