Kevin Hart and Eric Stonestreet are excited to be BACK for The Secret Life of Pets 2 3 years ago

Kevin Hart and Eric Stonestreet are excited to be BACK for The Secret Life of Pets 2

Today is the day.

The Spice Girls are coming to town... but, more importantly, The Secret Life of Pets 2 hits Irish cinemas.


The much-anticipated sequel to the 2016 hit has just landed and sees all our favourite characters back on the screen including Snowball, Duke, Daisy and Max.

Speaking about making the sequel, Eric Stonestreet (Duke) and Kevin Hart (Snowball) talked about returning to four paws for the latest installment.

"Creating an adventure that I think, surpasses the adventure in the first one is the biggest bonus ever -  so, you know, an exciting thing from start to finish" revealed Kevin.

Continuing, Eric Stonestreet added that fans of the first film will not be disappointed by what the second movie has to offer.


"I think we can both can say we're not disappointed and I don't think audiences will be disappointed with how big the movie has become and how much heart this one has as well."

And one thing that certainly helped both actors get back into character was their own love and connection with animals. Both Eric and Kevin revealed that they're the proud owners of pets themselves, however, made it clear that their pets will never meet.

Explaining why, Kevin laid down some "facts".


"My dogs have a different lifestyle than his dog"

Eric then revealed that it suits him because his dog is "busy". However, it didn't end there as Kevin added that he likes to keep his dog around "good people" and "good dogs" and that it takes "one bad apple to ruin it for the rest of them".

These two, eh?

If you've ever wondered about the life your pets live when you're not at home, you can find out all at cinemas across Ireland from today, May 24.


It's not one to be missed.