Kim Kardashian is launching her own true crime podcast with Spotify 1 year ago

Kim Kardashian is launching her own true crime podcast with Spotify

Who among us doesn't need more true crime in our lives?

Kim Kardashian is set to launch her own true crime podcast.


The reality TV star has signed a deal with Spotify Technology SA for a new series about the US criminal justice system.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the series will follow the case of Kevin Keith, a man who was convicted on a triple homicide charge in Ohio in 1994.

Keith has repeatedly denied that he was the shooter in the incident, which killed Marichell, Marchae, and Linda Chatman over 25 years ago. He was granted clemency from his death row status in 2010, just 13 days before his scheduled execution.

The new podcast will document the work of television producer and journalist Lori Rothschild Ansaldi as she attempts to discover the truth behind the killings and seek justice for all victims involved in the controversial case.

Rothschild Ansaldi and Kardahsian are both expected to executively produce and co-host the show.

Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian

Keith's family have been seeking justice for over two decades with brother Charles taking it upon himself to begin his own investigation into the murders.


"I hear people say 25 years, 45 days, but to me it was yesterday," says Charles via the family's campaign group Justice for Kevin Keith.

"All my information is not 25 years old, to me it's yesterday. This whole case, I'm still in 1994 so I'm pretty solid on my story.

"Waiting for Kevin, we've gone through this battle and we didn't really think about the time frame, it was more the execution. It was doing life with parole."

Kim Kardashian's podcast on Kevin Keith's case is expected to air on Spotify in September 2020. 

You can find out more about the Justice for Kevin Keith campaign here.