Kourtney Kardashian has been watching Normal People, just like everyone else on the planet, tbf 5 months ago

Kourtney Kardashian has been watching Normal People, just like everyone else on the planet, tbf

Everyone is watching Normal People.

Your mates are watching it. Your colleagues are watching it. You da is even watching it, before phoning up Liveline and complaining that it's like a porno but refusing to switch it off even though it's stressing him out.

The BBC and Hulu series has proven to be wildly successful across the globe, as every single person in the world takes it upon themselves to forget about the pandemic and for a brief moment, fall deeply in love with Daisy Edgar Jones and Paul Mescal.

Even Shane Ross has gotten himself a piece of the pie, by revealing that he actually grew up in Marianne's Sligo home, a nineteenth century house that's situated in Enniskerry.

Ross has unfortunately not watched the show yet, but that doesn't matter because Kourtney Kardashian has. A somewhat more notable viewer to have on board, if only slightly.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star revealed herself to be a total Sally Rooney stan (aren't we all, at this rate?) over the weekend when she shared a photo of Marianne and Connell speeding along the Sligo back roads with the caption: "This show."


Kourtney did unfortunately not elaborate on her thoughts surrounding the series, how she felt about Connell's chain, or whether she think it's realistic for a 17-year-old to be driving a car, but in fairness she's said enough with her profound use of the heart and pained emotion emoji.

But Kourtney isn't the only global star who has been sharing their love of the series. James Corden also took it upon himself last week to say that he thought the show was "extraordinary."

"Underplaying the impact of Normal People on Hulu has had on me for just a moment," he said on Twitter. "I honestly think it may have changed my life.Its the best show I’ve watched in so long.

"@DaisyEdgarJones and @mescal_paul are extraordinary. It’s ALL extraordinary x."

It's no Shane Ross. But we'll take it.