The latest season of Grey's Anatomy is tackling Covid-19 brilliantly 8 months ago

The latest season of Grey's Anatomy is tackling Covid-19 brilliantly

Fair play to them.

Grey's Anatomy has been praised by fans for the show's take on the Covid-19 pandemic and the related storylines featured in the new season.


It's a difficult subject to touch and because it's something we're all living at the moment, it's hard to know whether people want to see what they are experiencing in real life or simply indulge in escapism.

Grey's Anatomy, however, has found a way to incorporate Covid-19 into the show's storylines perfectly and sensitively.

One fan wrote on the show's Facebook page: “Thank you for so beautifully expressing what children of Alzheimer’s patients endure. Both of my parents have it, my dad passed in April, and my mother was just diagnosed with Covid-19.”

Another fan, hospice nurse Alecia Davidson, praised episode five of the current season, commenting: “The difficult decision to push for treatment or promote comfort is my daily reality. This episode had me in my feelings the whole time.”

Psychiatrist, Jessi Gold, M.D. whose primary patient population includes frontline healthcare workers, thinks the show has a great platform to show viewers both sides of situations, including what the doctors go through as well as the patients.

She said: “When you have a platform like that, you can make a difference with how people talk and think about these things. There is something about having your emotions reflected back to you."


“It's not just that we want to see something happy, so we feel better. It's also if someone says you have a right to feel this way because that was hard or that is challenging or that this whole experience is truly traumatising.”

Grey's Anatomy is currently in its 17th season.