Liam Payne pained by being called Naomi Campbell's 'squeeze' at Brits 2 years ago

Liam Payne pained by being called Naomi Campbell's 'squeeze' at Brits

Lol, in fairness.

Last night, the Brit Awards were on the telly.


Lots of things happened including Beyonce and Jay-Z accepting an award in front of a portrait of Meghan Markle, Jesy from Little Mix getting asked about tongue kissing Chris Hughes in a kebab shop, and Jack Whitehall being generally gas.

One moment where he was particularly gas was when he was introducing Liam Payne and Winnie Harlow to the stage.

The pair were presenting an award for something or other - it's not important. What is important is how Jack introduced Liam - as Naomi Campbell's "squeeze."

Did your entire body just convulse? It should have.

amber davies

Before Liam and Winnie walked on stage, Jack said: "To present (the award), a supermodel and supermodel Naomi Campbell's current squeeze.

"His surname's Payne, which is what he'll be in a world of if he crosses her - it's Liam Payne and Winnie Harlow."



Liam them ambled onto the stage next to the stunning Harlow looking quite harrowed, sheepish, and dare we say - pained.

He then mumbled the inspired words that everyone had been waiting to hear: "Good evening O2, how ya feelin'?"

Always the showman, is Liam.


But hey look, who are we to judge? He's the one having alleged "mind-blowing sex" with a supermodel.

If anything we're just jealous.

Liam and Naomi have yet to confirm their quasi-relationship, however they have been spotted out about together, leaving parties in each other's company, and just generally being around one another.


Naomi, however, isn't looking for anything that serious and has apparently had to tell Liam to not get too clingy.

This has seemingly left the singer feeling quite "crushed," as the natural thing to want after splitting up from the mother of your child is another intensely serious relationship with somebody who you've just met.

Look lads, leave 'em to. it.