Liberty and Jake are making serious moves in their relationship tonight 11 months ago

Liberty and Jake are making serious moves in their relationship tonight

It's getting good.

As we all know by now, Liberty deserves the world. She owns our hearts and finally, things seem to be going her way.


Things are seriously looking up for Jake and Liberty as he decides to pop the big question to her, and we couldn't be happier for her.

Telling the boys his plan, Jake says: "I think it’s maybe time to take the plunge and put a label on it."

With the help of the other islanders, Jake plans a surprise dinner as Hugo and Liam serenade the two.


Liberty asks Jake: “Is this the sort of treatment I’ll be getting every night?”

Millie and Liam bring over spaghetti bolognese for the happy couple, followed by Faye and Teddy who then bring over dessert.

After their meal, Jake says to her: “I wanted to bring you here and just say how happy you make me to be honest.”

Liberty says: “I’ve never connected with someone the way I have with you, ever. All cards on the table, I don’t think I really knew what love was until I met you.”


Jake says: “I feel like I’ve found the one. Will you be my girlfriend?”

At least one couple have a happy ending, because it certainly isn't Toby and Hugo.

We all watched the same thing, right? Like, Hugo really got up at the recoupling and turned on Toby like that?


Regardless, it made great TV but tonight's Love Island is giving us the extreme aftermath of this speech.

As the islanders say goodbye to Georgia, and give her a final toast in the kitchen, Lucinda leads by saying: "Here’s to Georgia - the biggest breath of fresh air in here!"

But Toby doesn't waste a second before deciding to make a comment about Hugo, saying: "And to finding out two-faced mugs!"

Toby coupled up with Abigail, much to Chloe's dispair, so Hugo decided to save his pal but the speech he gave didn't sit well with some of the islanders, especially Toby.


Speaking in the Beach Hut, Hugo says: "I’m not going to take it back, I fully meant it. Hopefully I can grab Toby and try and smooth things over."

Toby wants to pull Hugo for a chat to clear the air but he might not like what he hears.

Toby says to Hugo: "That’s not cool bro. I am shocked, that is s**t from you. I’ve asked you your opinions and I am not angry about your opinions. Your opinion is completely valid. The fact is the way you went about it."

Hugo replies: "I still consider you family and I hope that we can get past this."

Toby may not be impressed, but Chloe certainly is, saying in the Beach Hut: "Hugo Hammond - like the best person ever. I’ve never had a friend like that. I’m speechless. I couldn’t be more grateful."

We're buzzing.