Looks like there could be a new Disney Princess and people are freaking out 2 years ago

Looks like there could be a new Disney Princess and people are freaking out

Once upon a December...

We all know the classic Disney Princesses, like Snow White, Mulan, Belle and Pocahontas.

But following the news that Disney would be buying up 21st Century Fox's assets, it looks like another beloved animated movie character could be joining their ranks: Anastasia Romanov.

The 1997 movie Anastasia has often been thought of as a Disney film - and it's easy to see why.

There's a heart melting love story, a terrifying bad guy and a grand ball with plenty of glitz and glamour.

And, like any should-be Disney movie, it's full of catchy songs that you just can't get out of your head.

However, the movie wasn't actually produced by Disney - it's a film by Fox Animation Studios, a division of 20th Century Fox.

But now, after 20 years, it looks like fans may finally get their wish and could see Anastasia crowned a Disney Princess.

Disney announced this week that it would be buying 21st Century Fox's TV assets and film studio for $52.4 billion (€44.5 billion), which left many fans wondering: could Anastasia finally be about to become a real Disney Princess?

And people have been absolutely freaking out over the possibility since the news was announced on Thursday.

The deal between the two entertainment companies will take around a year to finalise.

So if Anastasia Romanov is going to become an official Disney Princess, it's unlikely to be any time soon - after all, we'd imagine it's a little more tricky than just having your parent company bought out by another.

But it's not just the characters of the beloved animated movie that Disney will be taking under their wing.

The mammoth deal means that the House of Mouse will be acquiring the right to a load of different movies and characters, like Alien, The Simpsons, Avatar and many of the Marvel movies.