Louis' emotional X Factor reunion with this singer left EVERYONE in tears last night 4 years ago

Louis' emotional X Factor reunion with this singer left EVERYONE in tears last night

Tissues at the ready.

Right, it might have come and gone a lot quieter than most years but the X Factor returned to our screens over the weekend.


Yep, another series, another few months of TV listings being dominated by Simon Cowell and a new group of wannabes.

And while many singers who take to the audition stage polished and ready for fame are impressive, it's the moments when someone comes on just looking for a break and wows the judges that we all remember.

One of those auditions happened this weekend thanks to Anthony Russell.


He and new judge Louis Tomlinson had a very emotional reunion as the singer returned to the X Factor stage after dropping out last year to go to rehab with the help of the former One Directioner.

The Liverpudlian was contacted by Louis on Twitter after hearing his story and helped him through four months of rehab to get clean.

The singer nervously returned to the show to perform Avicii’s Wake Me Up and within seconds had Louis starting to well up.


And it wasn’t just Louis that was feeling emotional, everyone in the audience was also starting to get misty-eyed as were the majority of those watching at home – including us.

Going to share his critique of the performance, Louis had to pause multiple times to gather himself.

“Bloody hell lad, I’ve got to pull myself together after that,” he said.

“I’m pretty emotional after that.

“It was a big moment for both of us, and you absolutely delivered.”

After giving him his fourth yes, Louis jumped up and ran to the stage to congratulate his friend.


Cue tears absolutely everywhere.